LINDØ port of Odense

1803The Port of Odense was established with the opening of a 5 km long dredged channel. This channel has since been extended to 8.5 km
1918Odense Steel Shipyard was founded as a personally owned company by A.P. Møller
1959Inauguration of the Lindø division by Danish prime minister H.C. Hansen
1992The Lindø Bulk Terminal at Munkebo was opened
2009Decision was made to discontinue shipbuilding activities at Lindø Steel Shipyard
2009Lindø Industrial Park was founded
2014The Port of Odense purchased Lindø Industrial Park A/S. Both Companies are now owned by the local government (the City of Odense)
2017The Port of Odense and Lindø Industrial Park are merged and becomes LINDØ port of ODENSE A/S - a limited port company


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