Portalkranen på Odense Havn

1200 tonnes gantry crane

The lifting capacity of 1,200 tonnes is only one of the outstanding qualities of the gantry crane. The construction with six main hoists distributed over four cats not only makes the crane capable of handling several objects at the same time, but it also means that heavy objects may, to put it simply, "turn in mid-air". By applying multiple hoists per unit, a very precise control with the load is achieved which is a special advantage when combining large structures and when handling particularly sensitive objects.

Specification of gantry crane

  • Lifting capacity of up to 1200 tonnes
  • Six main hoists with a capacity of up to 300 tonnes each
  • Fast 15-tonne Auxiliary hoist
  • 79.0 m under the lifting hook (90.0 m above dry dock)
  • Covers approx. 140,000 sq.m. including the areas around the dock, 128 x 90m over the water and
    315 x 90m dry dock

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