Terminal City

Odense Havn is divided into three terminals:

  • Terminal City: The industrial port in Odense
  • Terminal North: The port terminal at Lindø
  • Terminal South: Lindø Industrial Park


The approach follows a 6-km natural canal dredged to a depth of 7.5m from the Kattegat (Gabet) to Terminals North and South. The width in the canal is 150 metres.

Moreover, on the stretch from Gabet to Terminal North, a channel is deepened to 11 metres with a bottom width of 60 metre, yet with considerably larger width in the bends. This channel is buoyed with special buoys when calling ships have a depth of more than 6.8 metres.

From Lindø to Terminal City, the first 7 km of the approach follows the natural canal whereas the last 8 km is a dug-out channel. The depth from the Lindø to Terminal City is 7.5 metres, and the width in the approach is a minimum of 35 metres.

The entire approach from Gabet to Terminal City is buoyed with light buoys, range lights and beacons.


Ships with a tonnage of up to 6,000 tdw can navigate to Terminal City fully loaded whereas ships with a tonnage of up to 16,000 tdw can navigate to the terminal partly loaded. Ships of a length of up to 160 metres can turn in Terminal City.

Ships with a tonnage of approx. 30,000 tdw can navigate to Terminal North fully loaded.

Compulsory Pilotage

For the approach between Gabet and Lindø (Terminals North and South) the following ships must employ a pilot:

  • Ships of a length (l.o.a.) of 100 metres and above
  • Ships of a width of 15 metres and above
  • Ships above 400 GT calling at Terminal South, quay 61 or quay 62 and get closer than 50 metres of dock gate 3 or need to berth at dock gate 3, must employ a pilot.

On the approach between Lindø and Terminal City and during shifting inside the area of Odense Havn the following ships must employ a pilot:

  • Ships of a length (l.o.a.) of 70 metres and above
  • Ships of a width of 11 metres and above

The pilots are stationed at Gabet.

Loading and Discharging

Shipbrokers and load owners arrange loading and discharging of the ships.


Harbour Master's Office at phone (+45) 72 28 20 10 or by e-mail to harbourmaster@odensehavn.dk

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