Terminal North

The northern part of Lindø houses a number of companies related to harbour activities with bulk products. We service the quays with rail-mounted harbour cranes and a 144-tonne Liebherr mobile crane.

Primary types of goods in the area are iron scrap, marine and construction aggregates and waste for incineration. Terminal North's entrance is via Havnevejen and it is also internally connected with Terminal South.

Terminal North has 800 metres of quay and a depth of 11 metres along the northern quays, whereas the southern most quay has a depth of 7.5 metres.

Hinterland areas may be rented for projects or as permanent leases whereas quays are used on an ad hoc basis in connection with transport of goods.

The staff of Odense Havn are on the sites or in Materielgården at Havnevejen 91.

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