Terminal South

Facilities for offshore and heavy industries

Terminal South (Lindø Industrial Park) offers leases on more than one million square metres of attractive industrial area, of which 166,000 square metres are roofed in. Further two million square metres are available as a potential expansion area.
The Industrial Park offers unique opportunities for establishing production, assembly and storing in an area focused on heavy industries which provides companies with the possibility of setting up fast at low costs and small risks.

Production halls

Terminal South offers production halls on lease for many purposes with the possibility of manufacturing and handling very large items.

Own port and docks

Terminal South is located at Odense Fjord between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The port has a depth of 7.5 m, and the neighbouring Terminal North (with access through a gate) has a depth of 11 m.
Terminal South has four docks, one of them being a large dry dock of 90 m x 315 m with 1000-tonne crane coverage by the big gantry crane.

Gantry crane, cranes and internal transport

Internal transport at Terminal South can handle up to 1000 tonnes, and heavier items can be moved on a project basis. The gantry crane can lift items of up to 1000 tonnes, and cranes with very large hoisting capacity are available on the area and in halls.

Office facilities

Terminal South has attractive office leaseholds in connection with the production area.

Central location and good access possibilities

Terminal South is centrally located between three airports (Beldringe, Billund and Copenhagen). The infrastructure around the Industrial Park is dimensioned for heavy industries with access roads for 25-metre double articulated trucks of a weight of up to 60 tonnes (Motorway E20 is 15 minutes away).

Estate lease

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