Common facilities


Conference centre

Lindø Conference Centre has the perfect frame for meetings, courses and conferences with capacity of up to 180 persons. There is easy access to the modern conference centre located near the main gate where you will also find free car parking for guests.
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Canteen 1 is located near Lindø Conference Centre and the main gate. The canteen is open for lunch Monday-Friday hrs. 11.15-12.45 and offers lunch buffet, sandwiches, etc. The canteen is renovated in 2011/2016 with a new guest section and modern toilet facilities.

The canteen is operated by Fayard. Contact: Chef/catering manager Leo Møller,

The canteen also takes care of the catering in the conference centre.



Manned gate/parking areas

The main gate is manned 7/24/365.
The port facilities at Terminal South is subject to security requirements of Danish ports, referred to as the ISPS code.  Among others, we have to control that only authorised personnel have access to the area.

At the main gate you will find a parking area for guests and reserved parking spaces for tenants.

Access for tenants

All tenants have an entry pass which is to be scanned before entering the area. Scanners are placed at the maingate and gate 2 in the dock area. Tenants who need to enter the area by car have to contact the security guard at the maingate to get access to the area.

Access for subcontractors, guests and others

Subcontractors, guests and others have to contact the security guard at the maingate to be registered and get access to the area.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Area & Security Manager Søren Rask by mail: or by phone +45 6163 4423.

Parking areas

Opposite the maingate there is a parking area for guests. Furthermore there is a parking area reserved for tenants in the industrial park. The remaining parking areas are at free disposal.


Changing and washing facilities

In the industrial park there are changing and washing facilities of up to 5,000 people. There are two service buildings - one is located near the main gate and the other one is located in the dock area.

It is possible to rent changing and washing facilities.
Please contact: Tom Laursen by telephone +45 308 308 93 or by e-mail:


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