Løft af nacelle på Odense Havn

Logistics and lifting

The family is used to tough lifts

Regardless of what needs lifting, loading or moving, Odense Port’s fantastic history and willingness to invest means that we are prepared for the task and have equipment that can lift almost anything. The combination of efficient, modern hardware and our employees’
precision and attention to detail, means that your lift will be planned and calculated down to the smallest detail.

At the Port, we usually say that even though we handle enormous objects like wind turbine heads (also called nacelles) for the world’s largest ocean wind turbines it is in reality, millimetres and the good work done by the individual workers that guarantees success.

We can provide a unique collection of experienced experts who know the Port intimately and can understand the complexity of your lift. We also have the necessary hardware that can be used for any project with the help of the world’s largest mobile crane and the quite unique gantry crane, the likes of which cannot be found in very many other places in the world.

As a customer at Odense Port you would have access to it all.

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