Azadeh Zare – Technical designer


Carsten Aa


Anders Rønning Garbrecht – Commercial Manager – Bulk & Projects


Jannie Trier Østergaard – Finance manager


Line Ladefoged Wolter – Teknisk designerelev

The future is being built on knowledge, willpower and courage

Odense Port is at one and the same time, Denmark’s largest port in terms of acreage, and is a dynamic industrial park for many different types of enterprises that produce, test or distribute the amazing international business possibilities of the future. What can we do for you?

Join us!


We embrace a growing world

At Odense Port, plenty of space, excellent transport connections and the right tools for the country’s leading businesses connect with resolve, creativity and talented people.

Here with us, the result will have the best foundation if your product and needs are:

  • Goods to be lifted, unloaded or shipped.
  • High technological energy development being improved, produced or tested.
  • Technical and industrial knowhow and engineering skills that are given free reign.
  • Maritime possibilities to have ships repaired, reconditioned and serviced

Where possibilities and enthusiasm meet

Odense Port is designed to find solutions for the needs and demands we meet. Often these demands are about many tons and extremely large sizes, but we can manage it all. What it comes down to is the collaboration between people and the ability and courage to say yes. Actually, we have always been driven by the desire to create space for possibilities. We have been part of Odense’s life blood since the town got its first hand dug inner harbour and canal in 1803. Through us, the town has oriented itself towards the world up to the present day, and rapid progress has followed.


Meetings between people start progress

Do you need a new, safe port on your project’s journey, or a unique development platform for the production, handling and shipping of your products? Or are you a subcontractor to a branch that wants to move further out into the world?

Odense Port offers you the best opportunities to create an environmentally sound framework and meet your company’s CSR obligations. We know that the conditions for growth in the future are that you are environmentally sustainable.

Whatever your needs, you can be part of the good energy and open dynamics in Odense Port.

Feel welcome at the Port

Odense Port is a fantastic workplace. Here you’ll meet many different people with different professional skills. Technical experts, port specialists, administrative and sales and marketing staff and skilled workers who are also master crane operators, will be a part of your everyday life in an open and pleasurable collaboration with customers.

The world is expanding and we are continuously searching for new colleagues and qualifications, but you are also always welcome to make contact with us, unsolicited, if you have a good idea or simply can’t wait to join us. We make a living from constantly meeting new people and possibilities.

Responsibility and behaviour

As a transport seaport, production port and port of possibilities, Odense Port is a living place and there must be rules in order for it to grow.

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Instructions and responsibilities

Odense Port is a secured and safe area. Therefore, there are precise rules in place as to how one should behave here.

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Visits from the press

Would you like to write about the Port, talk to someone at the Port or visit the Port in connection with a story or an article?

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Annual report

See Odense Port’s latest annual report

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At Odense Port, we insist on the highest level of safety both in regard to transport and the people who work here.

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Meet the day to day leaders of Odense Port and find their contact information.

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