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At Odense Port, we love to get the best out of the link between your needs and the opportunities the Port offers. This means that from the preliminary discussions you will find that we will try our best to accommodate you and realise your project. Today, we are one of the world’s largest Port operators in environmental sustainability. We are used to making things function in a rapidly expanding branch, both in terms of development, size and the market.

With the market’s most optimal setting for the future’s environmental transition in the field of energy, unique and modern facilities at the wharfs, the best materials, sites, halls and offices and a team of some of the most experienced experts to understand, calculate and carry out your projects, you can be sure to have a collaborative partner who can meet your needs.

The offshore and wind industry and the test facilities for these when both the world and the windmills are growing, are one of Odense Port’s greatest areas of expertise, but there are also other industries both large and small, which are subcontractors to the Port’s largest customers.

The Port is ready to take on new challenges and make new advances, for example in conversion technologies such as Power-to-X and future ideas for sustainable energy forms.

With continuous investment in the area, the setting and materials, we are ready to meet the future together with you in a fruitful collaboration.
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