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Lots of wharf space, square metres and power

Right in the middle, between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, Odense Port has the perfect placement for unique production facilities and powerful logistic solutions, creating the optimal setting for production, storage and the unloading of large components in offshore, maritime and heavy industry. But it’s not just the practical side of things, because even though everything at the Port is enormous, it is always the individual and the last millimetre that make the difference.

Odense Port has all the possibilities needed to bring the world to you or your product to the world. Our experienced engineering department and conscientious harbour specialists lift, load and unload completely seamlessly, and if you need storage space or the like, we are flexible and happy to seek a solution.

We understand business. We can understand the needs of your company and are experts at renting out, reconstruction and the maintenance of buildings. We can provide cranes and crews, load and unload ships as well as lifting and transport, and we love to plan how new challenges can be met.

At Odense Port a high level of security is a must in order to avoid injuries to personnel, material and goods.

We are a modern port that doesn’t just follow the times but consistently keeps an eye open for the demands of the future, and you can be sure that we will invest in whatever is needed.

And we’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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