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At Odense Port test loads of the specialized lifting gear are often required so it can be certified before use, but we do not carry out certified test loads.

We have a brilliant engineering department which can calculate all the technical aspects of the task so the lift can be carried out safely and efficiently, and we have very well-qualified personnel both in and around the cranes and on the grounds of the Port to execute the plans. The possibilities are endless because our extensive equipment and different types of cranes can do many things alone - but also together.

With a lift height of up to 79 metres on the gantry crane, it is possible to construct the rigging in such a way that the strain on the lifting gear is precisely in the desired areas.

Odense Port’s department for Lifting and Transport-Engineering receives the drawings of the lifting gear which are the foundation for the department’s calculations and planning for the test load, for the customer.

Our materials comply with international standards and can be CE-labelled as the law requires, but as the customer, you are responsible for making sure the project lift fulfils the requirements for certification.

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