Certified load testing

Test loading of specialised lifting gear is often a requirement for the gear to be certified prior to use. The test is actually a quality control which ensures that new lifting gear observes international standards and may be CE marked as prescribed by law. A qualified test therefore requires specialised knowledge about lifting and the correct ballast.

In the Industrial Park, we have good facilities for implementing tests of lifting gear and we have both experience and know-how to make the required calculations and to plan a realistic test that meets the official guidelines for load tests. Lift & Transport - Engineering of Odense Havn receives drawings of the lifting gear from the client, and they form the basis for the department's calculations and planning of the test loading.

Part of the preparations for the test is about the configuration of the ballast and the rigging in a way that the test load can simulate real-world lifting and thereby make the test load as close to reality as possible. With a lifting height of up to 79 metres in the gantry crane, it is possible to construct the rigging in a way that the lifting gear is getting the load on precisely the points, the client wants. Along with the unique facilities and the employees' thorough knowledge of working with complex lifting, Odense Havn is capable of implementing tests of lifting gear which meet the client's requirements and at the same time observe acknowledged standards for certification.


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