Growth comes from understanding and energy

At Odense Port, we are carefully nurturing the future’s fantastic international business adventure, jobs and sustainable quantum leaps of the future. Give your company, your products and your values the space to grow alongside us.


Square Meters total area


Heavy load area

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Operation på Odense Havn

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Square Meters total area


Heavy load area

Thank you for being our Port

At Odense Port, Denmark and the solutions that will be important for the whole world in the future, are being formed, moved and constructed. An enormous new campaign thanks the customers, employees and townsfolk who contribute to the use, creation and ownership of all this potential.

Behind the scenes på Odense Havn
Udsigt over Odense Havn
Naceller på Odense Havn

The future is being built on know­ledge, willpower and courage:

Odense Port is at one and the same time, Denmark’s largest port in terms of acreage, and is a dynamic industrial park for many different types of enterprises that produce, test or distribute the amazing international business possibilities of the future. What can we do for you?

Give the world sustainability with abundance

Odense Port is a hotspot for high technological energy development being produced, developed or tested, because we have the space, the facilities and the safety protocols in place. We are prepared and ready to meet you and your needs, regardless of whether they are in an existing or future branch. Good energy starts here.

Odense Havn

Space for good business

Odense Port receives and safely handles your merchandise, elements and products. Amongst our unique facilities are cranes that can lift up to 1 200 metric tons, transport vehicles that can carry up to 1 110 tons, 7,5 mio square metres for storage and an ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) approved port with a good water depth and 3 900 metres of quay including a unique heavy-load quay.


Square metres total area


Total quay length

Produktionshal på Odense Havn

We can lift together

At Odense Port, we have many good solutions and powerful equipment for flexible, mobile lifting. We have different mobile cranes and we also have a gantry crane that can lift 1.200 tons at our disposal, as well as experienced crane drivers who can use the equipment together, so there are excellent chances for carrying out your project. Our workers are proud of their success and safety results. And have we already mentioned that we also have the world’s largest mobile port crane?

Løft på Odense Havn

Welcome to a Port that harbours people

Odense Port is Denmark’s largest port in terms of acreage, and there are many other records we could mention. Our projects with customers frequently consist of many tons and extremely large sizes, but we can encompass it all. The bottom line is that everything is about understanding, willpower, creativity, collaboration between people and the ability and courage to say yes.

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Together we shape the Denmark of tomorrow

Together we shape the Denmark of tomorrow


“I believe that the only limitation is our imagination. Something new happens every day at the Port with new projects and customers. Life is never predictable.”

Jannie Trier Østergaard – Finance manager


“The most amazing thing is to see dreams become reality.”

Line Ladefoged Wolter – Teknisk designerelev


“We energize each other, and we get energy from being out here.”

Søren Rask – HSEQ

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