Odense Havn is a perfect facility for onshore decommissioning projects. Wrecking/scrapping of ships, various vessels, offshore installations and similar projects are well-known activities, and facilities may be rented on a project basis.

Companies at Lindø and in the neighbourhood of Lindø have great experience with this type of assignments and several projects have been handled at Lindø with great success. To contact companies/operators within the area of decommissioning, please see the list of companies at Lindø here - see the list of companies at Lindø here.

Suitable areas with closed-circuit well systems and dry-docks ensure high standards of environmental handling. Close cooperation with local authorities (Kerteminde Municipality) offers professional focus and fast working procedures.

Contact to Kerteminde Municipality, KAM Lindø:

Peter Timm, Key Account Manager
Business Division 

T: 3055 0188

Lindø is an international port and thereby an ISPS facility (anti-terror security) enclosed by fences with a manned main gate. Companies on the site have electronic assess to the area 24/7/365, whereas visitors, the press and others on professional business have access only as registered visitors of a company in the industrial park.

In the area, photography/filming is allowed only on own property/own activities, whereas special ad hoc permits may be given by Odense Havn.

Drone flying on the area is not allowed, but special ad hoc permits may be given by Odense Havn.

Lindø has a long tradition for steel work and related activities for maritime, offshore and wind turbine industries. The facilities are perfect for big and heavy constructions because buildings as well as logistics solutions in the area can handle even very large structures. Read more: Lift & Transport 

Canteen, break rooms, meeting rooms, conference facilities, furnished project offices, changing rooms, cloakrooms etc. are available on areas for project rental. Read more 

For further information, please contact Ole Haugsted Jørgensen, Sales Manager.

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