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Odense Havn is in growth, and the need for space is rising in pace with companies moving into Lindø and projects increasing. Moreover, the port is changing, and in the years to come, previous and existing industrial areas will be converted into urban areas to connect the city with the harbour.

This is why Odense Havn is expanding the existing harbour area at Lindø by 400,000 square metres with 1,000 metres of new quay.

EIA report has been implemented, the project is defined, builders have contracted for the first part of the project and on 9 March 2016 the pumping of sand started to eventually convert sea into land.

Application of Area – Industry

The port expansion will be designed as a flexible port terminal for heavy special projects, such as wind turbines, maritime projects, decommissioning (scrapping) and infrastructure projects, and a major area will be allocated to bulk goods and other traditional port operations.

The target will be long-term lease agreements with area rental and the opportunity for tenants to build their own premises on the eastern industrial areas whereas the western areas and docklands will be kept clear for ad hoc projects with special area requirements.

In connection with urban conversion projects on the Port of Odense, City Terminal, efforts are made to provide relevant tenants with the opportunity for setting up in the new harbour area.

Application of Area - Nature & Leisure

As a replacement for the part of Odense Fjord which is converted into harbour area, several nature areas will be established which aim mainly at supporting the bird life along the bay.
At Lumby, on the west coast of Odense Fjord, wetlands of 100,000 square metres will be set up to attract birds and contribute to a nitrogen reduction, and in the north-eastern part of the bay two bird islands will be built which are expected to act as breeding areas.

Data & Fun Facts

  • The total area will be 400,000 square metres, equal to well over 60 football pitches
  • The port terminal will have 1,000 metres of new quay, designed for heavy objects
  • There will be a coastal park of 45,000 square metres
  • The technical designation for the type of terminal is OST: Offshore Supply Terminal which designates an area built for heavy objects, both on sites and over quay
  • Sand and surplus materials for the harbour area derives from reclamation of marine sand, dredging in channels, and construction projects in Odense
  • Approximately 2 million cubic metres of sand and reclaimed materials is pumped up to establish the total area, equal to well over 100,000 lorry loads. If you were to build a two-metre high bank of earth of the material, it would run from Skagen to Kolding - or from London to Manchester

Please contact Niels Kiersgaard for further information.


Port expansion, Terminal North  – May 2016

Illustration of the port expansion at Terminal North at Lindø

Illustration of the port expansion at Terminal North at Lindø


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