Rules for visits from the press

Sometimes there is a great deal of interest from the press in Odense Port and its tenants, and this can be a good thing. However, it is important that both visitors from the press and all the companies follow Odense Port’s existing guidelines. At the Port, we respect that people see the Port as a place where they can plan and make developments for the future in peace, and without undue attention. The rules are to safeguard security and maintain discretion.

  • Journalists and/or photographers may not walk around unaccompanied. Invited journalists/photographers must be escorted to and from the gate. If the people in question are to meet with others at Odense Port, they must either be accompanied or collected by the person they are supposed to meet with.
  • It is only permissible to take pictures in the area being visited. If you want the photographer to have the opportunity of a more general coverage of Odense Port, please contact Odense Port’s communication department to discuss this.

We would very much like to be informed when the press is in the area and are happy to contribute, should it be relevant.

Contact Charlotte Wittenberg by or +45 308 308 01 about the press and possibilities.

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