Odin's Bridge


Odin's Bridge, the new landmark of Odense

Odense has seen an old dream come true; a permanent road connection across Odense Canal. With the completion of Odin's Bridge the hole in the ring road system has been closed so that traffic between north-western and north-eastern Odense no longer has to be led through the harbour and through the city.

Odin's Bridge is a so-called double swing bridge, i.e. the two bridge sections are turned sideways when ships pass on the canal. The construction is designed so as to allow free passage to the full width of the canal when the bridge is open. Each span is nearly 100 m long, and with four lanes and a bi-directional bikeway the width is 28m. Each span weighs nearly 2000 tonnes.

The bridge is operated by navigators from the maritime department of Odense Havn who have direct views of the bridge from the top floor of the harbour master office. The bridge has fixed opening hours for pleasure craft etc. and will open by request from commercial traffic.

Click here for the Bridge Regulations with opening hours etc. (in Danish)


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