The future of offshore wind in Denmark is being discussed at Odense Port

As part of the government’s newly established port partnership, Minister of Trade and Industry, Morten Bødskov, visits Odense Port with several mayors and Members of the Danish Parliament to discuss the development of Danish commercial ports with a focus on green growth, economic sustainability, and industry.

The purpose of the visit is, among other things, to discuss the growth opportunities for port industries and the ports’ need for transition in order to attract investments in offshore wind.

Danish commercial ports have in earnest come into the national political agenda in the wake of the corona pandemic and subsequent energy crisis, where security of supplies and green transition have been given top priority.

This means huge investments in the ports in years ahead, which cannot be left to the individual municipalities.

Therefore, it is very positive that we now will get a national port strategy based on the recommendations from the port partnership, creating a solid framework for the commercial investments that will support the ports’ development within the green industry and offshore wind.

Erhvervsminister Morten Bødskov besøger Odense Havn og drøfter udvikling af havvind i Danmark

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