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Monopile production at Odense Port

We embrace a growing world

At Odense Port, we have committed ourselves to "embrace a growing world" - and our track record is proof that we do. Since 2012, we have harboured world-leading manufacturers such as Vestas, Siemens Gamesa and Bladt Industries and have facilitated the production of 1,400+ nacelles, foundations, generators and substations for offshore wind turbines - made@OdenseHavn. Do you want us to facilitate your wind production?

heavy load kaj sunrise
Vestas activities at Odense Port

Production of the world's largest nacelle

The graphic above shows an overview of Vestas' activities at Odense Port and provides an insight into a complex production chain that makes heavy calls on infrastructure, facilities and handling. At Odense Port, Vestas operates two production tracks, producing 9.5 MW and 10.0 MW nacelles and developing the prototype for the world's largest nacelle (V236-15.0 MW) for serial production in 2024.

As offshore wind turbines become more efficient and larger, so do their components, which have become so huge that they can only be transported by water.

We have world-class facilities that make production at our site highly efficient. For example, with our unique gantry crane, we can load 15 nacelles, of 600+ tonnes each, in 10 hours and complete 3 frame changes in 5 hours.

For a visualisation, Vestas' new 15 megawatt nacelle, geared to produce 80 GWh/year, will form the technical house of a 280 metre tall turbine with a wingspan of 236 metres.

This means that the only places where production of offshore wind turbine components can take place, are at the ports - and even here, more and more ports are challenged by infrastructure and space.

At Odense Port, we facilitate several main component productions within offshore wind, which currently include nacelles, monopiles and substations.

Jimmi – Bladt stålplader

Monopiles and substation

Bladt Industries' production of substations and monopiles takes up a lot of space in the landscape of Odense Port. More than 300,000 square metres are occupied by the production facilities - including four production halls totalling 40,000 square metres. But there is room for much more wind production on our 2.3 million square metres of available space. Should we make room for your production too?

With a fighting weight of up to 3,000 tonnes and lengths of up to 130 metres and 13 metres in diameter, the world's largest monopiles require delicate handling and, not least, storage and manoeuvring space - from the many steel plates that calls the port to be rolled into coils and then section by section welded together, painted and prepared for load out.

Monopile production at Odense Port

Rolling hall: In the rolling hall, which is Denmark's largest production hall, you can see Bladt's large customised roller that roll (bend) steel plates into coils (steel rings). The roller has the capacity to roll stell plates up to 220 mm thick and weighing up to 40 tonnes. The steel plates are then welded together into sections of up to 30 metres.

Painting hall: 3/4 monopile is brought into the painting hall to be sandblasted and painted at one end, then rolled out, turned 180 degrees and brought back in so that the remaining part of the monopile can get the same treatment.

Assembly hall: In the assembly hall, the painted sections are moved onto rails where they are forged and welded together into one long monopile of up to 130 metres.

In 2023, the first American substation, including jacket foundation, was produced at Odense Port, and with a weight of 3,200 tonnes, it is the largest Danish-produced substation. From the offshore wind farm in the US, Vineyard Wind 1, the substation collects the power before it is sent to shore. The picture shows the transport from the production hall at Terminal South to shipping at Terminal North. This was done via our 46 metre wide Heavy Highway.

Vineyard transformerstation på vej mod kajen
Oversigtsfoto – Arealer til Wind industry – MRA – 14.03.2023 (005)

What value can we add to your production?

What value can we add to your production?
In addition to space, space and more space, we have unrivalled production conditions that mean we can support your entire production chain - from raw material shipment, handling and storage to load out of finished components.

In addition, our classifications make it easy and convenient to produce around the clock under secure conditions - regardless of environmental class.

At the same time, we are committed to offering energy-efficient and CO2-saving facilities to make your production as sustainable as possible.

In the above overview of Odense Port in Munkebo, our 2.3 million square metres of vacant space is marked in orange. Every inch is dedicated to the wind industry's production, storage and installation needs.